The militant who was responsible for Raju Saav was the chair of Yogendra Sau, now in the BJP, with Raghuvar, the picture viral

Ranchi, Dec. 15 -- BJP is truly the biggest party in the world. So big that this party is the place for everyone. There is also a place for him in the party, which is accused of being a gang of extrem... Read More

75 crore spent on annual plantation, now 9.50 lakh trees will be cut for projects

Ranchi, Dec. 15 -- Forest Department has allowed cutting of 9.50 lakh trees for various projects of the state government. Earlier, more than 50 thousand trees had been cut for other projects including... Read More

Dhari ki Dhari hai old plans, now big pond will become Marine Drive

Ranchi, Dec. 15 -- Secretary of the Urban Development Department Ajay Kumar Singh wants to develop Ranchi like New York and Mumbai. Now he has said that the big pond of the capital should be developed... Read More

The death of the injured Sami, shot dead by the criminals, people reach the dead body of the road

Ranchi, Dec. 15 -- The death of Elazrat Sami Munda in Rims is done at 2:30 pm. Munda was elite in Rims for 10 days. After post-mortem, the bodies were handed over to the family members. As soon as the... Read More

Gumani did not get grain for three months in Dumka, complaint reached CM's communication, dealer suspended

Ranchi, Dec. 15 -- In recent times, many cases of disturbances have been reported in the state by distributing grains by PDF dealers. Due to the irregularities being carried out by dealers, beneficiar... Read More

Regional parties said after the announcement of election bond - BJP does not want regional parties to grow

Ranchi, Dec. 15 -- Election Bond was announced in the country by referring to transparency and clean politics. But, on the electoral bonds, political parties themselves are now questioning itself, bec... Read More

Arrested with 62 kg of ganja, including three women

Ranchi, Dec. 14 -- The police has recovered a huge quantity of ganja from a car coming from Jamshedpur near Tamad police station near Ragdi bridge. On the spot, police arrested three people including ... Read More

Scheduled government servants are not getting promotions of SC / ST, they are working on the same post. Retired -Henbram

Ranchi, Dec. 14 -- In the state, there is an increasing resentment against the Government in the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes employees on the issue of promotion of government servants. Due t... Read More

Surrender to be Naxalite if not eliminated: IG

Chatra, Dec. 14 -- Officials of the State Police Headquarters came to Chetan to formulate a strategy against Naxal Safaya. AIG campaign Ashish Batra and CRPF IG Sanjay Lattkar met the officials of Dis... Read More

Palamu: Five lakh prize maoist all zonal commander arrested

Palamu, Dec. 14 -- The Palamu police have had great success once again in the campaign against the Maoists. On the basis of secret information, the sub-zonal commander CPI Maoist and the prize money o... Read More