KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- There are snide remarks about K P Oli, prime minister and co-chair of the Nepal Communist Party, heading off next week to the World Economic Forum in Davos. What is a communist l... Read More

More than half of Nepal's electricity imported from India

KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- Nepal imported 653MW electricity from India on Friday, the biggest amount so far since the country ended powercuts three years ago. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) had to i... Read More

The country is a zoo

KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- As a Wild Ass, I can vouch for the fact that Nepal is one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth. And the incredible thing is that this wealth of flora and fauna is now living... Read More


KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- The aptly titled movie Searching is a film for our times. In an era where youngsters haven't touched a physical newspaper for the past five years, when they spend more time on th... Read More

The new reality of Nepal's virtual celebrities

KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- Four years ago, Lemi Tamang was just another fine arts student in Kathmandu when she started posting her makeup photos and videos on Instagram, just for fun. Her fresh, dewy loo... Read More

A dog's best friend

KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- Sneha Shrestha and four rescued dogs at her Sneha Care shelter are saving abandoned canines - one blood transfusion at a time. For four years dogs at the shelter have been provi... Read More

Nepal's deadly roads take their toll

KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- In the past five months alone, 1,176 people have been killed across Nepal in what police call 'road traffic accidents' (RTA). This is an increase from last year, and with more ve... Read More

To Davos with hammer and sickle

KATHMANDU, Jan. 18 -- Prime Minister K P Oli is flying off to Davos to attend the World Economic Forum on 20 January with a 18-member delegation. This is the first time a Nepali leader has been invite... Read More

Nepalis in tax havens, Swiss banks, money laundering

KATHMANDU, Jan. 17 -- In February 2015 The International Consortium of Investigative journalists (ICIJ) revealed that Nepalis held Rs5 billion in secret Swiss bank accounts. Most people thought the mo... Read More

The making of Chaku

KATHMANDU, Jan. 15 -- Makar Sankranti or the first day of the month of Magh is celebrated as an important festival by various ethnicities in Nepal, as the day when the sun begins its journey to the no... Read More