Religion is a soft target for all political parties in India

Shillong, Dec. 23 -- The rest of the world talks about progressive development, inventions and foreign affairs. Whereas, on daily basis one gets to hear about the religious conflicts of various tempo ... Read More

The Meaning, the Miracle and the Message of Christmas

Shillong, Dec. 23 -- Christmas began with a simple but profound story that changed the world forever. Nearly two thousand years ago there was born in Bethlehem of Judea, a babe whose life was destined... Read More

New jolt awaits Congress in New Year: NPP

SHILLONG, Dec. 23 -- For the opposition Congress in Meghalaya, there seems to be no respite even in the coming year with the NPP stating that yet another jolt waits to greet the Congress come New Year... Read More

Regional parties in cahoots with BJP for MDC polls: Ampareen

SHILLONG, Dec. 23 -- The opposition Congress has asserted that the now exposed nexus between the regional parties and the BJP in Meghalaya will work in a positive manner for the party in the forthcomi... Read More

Krip Chullet admits owning illegal mine with trapped miners

SHILLONG, Dec. 23 -- Krip Chullet, who was arrested in connection with the mine mishap in East Jaintia Hills, has conceded that he was the owner of the 370-foot-deep illegal quarry. Chullet was arres... Read More

Public unawareness slowing down replacement of magstripe cards with EVM chip

SHILLONG, Dec. 23 -- With 31st December approaching, public are not only eyeing the New Year but also a different botheration with regard to their money. Nationalized banks have asked its customers to... Read More

Garo Hills finally welcomes the Christmas spirit

TURA, Dec. 23 -- Although a little late, Garo Hills over the past few days has finally begun to welcome the spirit of Christmas with various sites in the region being lit up to herald the birth of Jes... Read More

Conrad for industrial growth to mitigate state's employment problem

SHILLONG, Dec. 22 -- The Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma is batting for industrial growth in Meghalaya so as to address the state's employment problem. Having visited the industrial area i... Read More

Woman accuses police of murder, seeks justice for her husband

TURA, Dec. 22 -- The wife of the victim of an alleged police assault in Songsak in East Garo Hills (EGH) has filed a writ petition (WP) in the Meghalaya High Court seeking justice for her husband as w... Read More

Police investigating traffic case gone awry

SHILLONG, Dec. 22 -- Police have started an investigation into a traffic case which has spiraled into FIRs and counter FIRs by the persons involved namely the Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Bashan... Read More