Knit India

India, Jan. 7 -- When the divisive forces in India are spreading hatred and revenge and instigating lynch mobs to target the perceived enemies, Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) Indore is making an ... Read More

Warped Portrayal Of Women

India, Jan. 7 -- In our society, I hear a hypocritical outcry of deteriorating traditional values when a woman walks out of her marriage. But no one raises voice or limbs in support of the larger numb... Read More

The Flopped Development Plank

India, Jan. 7 -- For the forthcoming 2019 national election, the 'Mahagatbandhan' should adopt development and national integrity as its main plank with a promise that it can not only promise but can ... Read More

By Cows, For Cows, Of Cows

India, Jan. 7 -- Imagine, a school with a large number of cows! Now you would ask how a school could have cows, instead of children. That is exactly what happened at Saipur, a village situated about 3... Read More

Freedom Of Religion And Offering Of Namaz In Public Places

India, Jan. 7 -- India is a pluralistic country with most of the religions flourishing here. Muslims are the second largest religious community and have been living here for nearly twelve centuries. T... Read More

Policing Prayer

India, Jan. 7 -- Few people know that Noida stood once for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. Today it's not an acronym but the name of a place bustling with universities, institutes, ult... Read More

No Place For Prayer

India, Jan. 7 -- The Uttar Pradesh Police had recently issued an order banning religious activity in a park in Noida, an industrial hub bordering Delhi. The order made special mention of namaaz which ... Read More

Goa Liberation Day

India, Dec. 31 -- The Goa Liberation Day is celebrated every year on the 19th of December. On December 19, 1961 Goa was freed from the Portuguese rule. It was a Seminar on Portuguese Colonialism held ... Read More

India: Secular Democracy Or Hindu Rashtra?

India, Dec. 31 -- With freedom of the country and later coming in to being of Indian Constitution, India became a secular democratic republic. At the same time the breakaway Pakistan's founder Mohamma... Read More

God Is Sold In Christmas Market

India, Dec. 31 -- Every year as the month of December begins markets are flooded with colourful goods related to Christmas. In the past only the markets in Europe and Christian dominated places had th... Read More