International conference on creative art therapies held

PUNE, Jan. 7 -- A two-day international conference on creative art therapies was inaugurated at the Sancheti Hospital auditorium on Saturday. The conference was organised by Sancheti Healthcare Academ... Read More

I'd swipe right for Tom Cruise on Tinder: Disha Patani

India, Jan. 5 -- If not an actress then what would you would have been.? I'd have been an Air Force pilot. One classic film you would have loved to be a part of? Not a classic exactly, but I'd have... Read More

The best of 2019: Your lowdown on tech, fashion, food, films... and more

India, Jan. 5 -- Tech expert Anant Dwivedi makes a case for wearable tech among other 2019 tech updates Star Of The Smartphone World: Samsung Galaxy X "Samsung's Galaxy X would be the most hyped pro... Read More

Taha Kehar interview: Meet the Pakistani author who is a feminist first

India, Jan. 5 -- Meet Tanya Shaukat, a young woman complaining about the Careem cab driver, a mother perpetually worried for her daughter's safety. Her story begins in a newsroom and continues to a we... Read More

Exclusive! Meet the three Indian girls who were invited to the prestigious le Bal des Debutantes in Paris

India, Jan. 5 -- Is glamorous still good, or is it a word used with spite? Is it politically correct to say good-looking when judging by appearance is grounds for offence? And in a world of equal em... Read More

Raising the bookshelf bar with Brunch Book Challenge 2019

India, Jan. 5 -- When we raised the book count to 50 in 2018, many of you exclaimed that it's too big a challenge. But from the numbers we see, our dear readers, most of you have gone beyond the chall... Read More

Happy new life!

India, Jan. 5 -- Every January 1, we make health-related resolutions for the new year, and by January 31, we find ourselves back in the old rut. The problem is that most of our resolutions are either ... Read More

Gourmet Secrets: Mad about miso

India, Jan. 5 -- Miso has become the new star ingredient ever since Nobu Matsuhisa started using it in his famous black cod recipe in all his restaurants around the world. Apart from its health benefi... Read More

Slipping on a comma and crossing the fine line between being a grammar stickler and a jerk

India, Jan. 5 -- Every now and then I receive memes from old friends highlighting apostrophe catastrophes and suchlike indiscretions. They're generally funny and always make me think: Am I a grammar j... Read More

Resolution for 2019: Use my smartphone more often

India, Jan. 5 -- My mother just bought a new panchang or calendar for 2019. I have a better method. I use my smartphone not just to plan my days and weeks, but also for divination. I don't mean that I... Read More