Talwandi thermal power plant order needs corrections

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Overflowing pitcher of disquiet

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How a smoking cessation aid circumvents challenges of tobacco harm reduction

India, Jan. 15 -- Governments should regulate ENDS either as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or under a special act, instead of banning them altogether Cigarette smoking and oral tobacco consumpti... Read More

The imminent threat of celiac disease in India

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How the Centre is diluting green clearance norms

India, Jan. 15 -- In the name of streamlining process to get environmental clearances, the Centre has turned these rules into mere formality The Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Chan... Read More

New science communication platforms launched

India, Jan. 15 -- Union minister for science and technology Dr Harsh Vardhan launched DD Science and India Science on January 15, 2019 Two new science communication platforms-DD Science and India Sci... Read More

Odisha takes its first step towards promoting turtle tourism

India, Jan. 15 -- The state held its first Olive Ridley turtle festival to give way to eco-tourism and in turn conserve turtles Odisha's Puri beach witnessed its first turtle festival on January 13, ... Read More

Reflections from a Nobel winner: Scientists need time to make discoveries

India, Jan. 15 -- In 2018, Professor Donna Strickland was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for her work in high-intensity lasers. Her research has been practically applied in laser eye surgery. But,... Read More

Yellowstone's solution to its excess bison problem: Capture and send them for slaughter

India, Jan. 15 -- Park officials will capture 600-900 of the animals this winter and ship them Officials at the world-famous Yellowstone National Park in the United States will be capturing 600-900 A... Read More

Of whales and men

India, Jan. 15 -- Is Japan's decision to leave the International Whaling Commission really that big a deal? When Down To Earth first contacted me to write about the news that Japan shall exit the IWC... Read More