Other Verdicts where Timeline Was Not Considered

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- In the matter of SC Galhotra versus The Mohali Bank and others, the execution appeal was filed in September 2010 by the Haryana State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. The ques... Read More

The case of unaddressed timeline

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The bench's statement

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- "It would be travesty of justice to nonsuit complainants/decree holders on hyper technical ground. In view of the above, we decline to entertain the appeal keeping open the question ... Read More

Legal Matters: The decision

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- As the execution application was filed after 12 years from the date of the final order, it was barred by limitation and dismissed from being entertained by the forum. Published by H... Read More

Objections filed by developer after 12 years

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- a) Recovery certificate had been computed on yearly compounded basis, whereas the direction in the final order of the court had asked for payment of simple interest at 18 per cent an... Read More

The case and the order

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- As the developer had failed to provide the committed property to the complainant, the state forum in its order directed the collector, Raigad district, to take appropriate steps for ... Read More

Appealing after 12 Years

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- A bench comprising Justice DK Jain, president of the forum, and M Shreesha heard the matter between JH Phalle and Vijaya Poduval and others wherein an execution appeal had been filed... Read More

Submitting 'Execution' Petition at Consumer Court Is there a timeline?

INDIA, Oct. 25 -- "There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts." ~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi What if you have won your case in t... Read More

For the insured person

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Advantages of Doing It Online: For the insurance company

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