Good, but not quite best

Nepal, Jan. 12 -- In 'March, Me and Sakura' by Geetanjali Shree, a 70-year-old Indian mother travels to Japan to be with her son. At first wary of the unfamiliar country and afraid of venturing out, s... Read More

Familiar streets, novel adventures

Nepal, Dec. 29 -- The sun sets over the Howrah Bridge as fishermen reel in fresh batches of Hilsha. Nearby, a young, bespectacled, curly-haired poet in a Punjabi spouts Marx and Tagore in the same bre... Read More

Of birds and flights of fancy

Nepal, Dec. 15 -- Hanif spits out words staccato style and hits as hard as bullets. Yet, he is also a master of thoughtful, almost delicate sentences bursting with beauty and ideas Dec 15, 2018-Halfw... Read More

Lives lost, loves regained

Nepal, Dec. 1 -- Roy is enamored by the concept of the flawed female, the gifted and talented woman who deserves much more than a marriage. She sets out to create an unbridled, unapologetic, bold fema... Read More

A tiny, delightful morsel

Nepal, Nov. 17 -- Indian author Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi's latest offering, The Rabbit and the Squirrel, is likely to baffle librarians and booksellers, for it defies conventional genres. Its folkt... Read More

A home of one's own

Nepal, Oct. 27 -- Home Going, the debut novel by Ghana-born author Yaa Gyasi, begins like distant lore-a myth, a dream even. It is the late eighteenth century in West Africa, when Effia Otcher is born... Read More