Irresponsible and immature

Nepal, Jan. 12 -- In the digital age, Nepali filmmakers seem to believe they have to cultivate their audience-either by cashing in on the fame of a 'superstar', presenting a 'unique story', or tapping... Read More

Shah Rukh Khan as Shah Rukh Khan

Nepal, Dec. 29 -- Superstars are made by the audience. For a film, they are a bankable element that will, regardless of the story or script, guarantee a great audience, in the first three days of the ... Read More

Film as a medium of expression

Nepal, Dec. 15 -- Nepali filmmakers and their audiences have been feeding off the Indian film industry for quite some time. We have been inspired by everything, right and wrong, our neighbours have of... Read More

We yield to Disney, and happily

Nepal, Dec. 1 -- How big a part has Disney played in your life? Probably a lot more than you realise. Apart from what you've seen on TV, ESPN and the Disney Channel itself, the giant global conglomer... Read More

Movie review: Producer Changa; Storytelling Chet

Nepal, Nov. 17 -- Nepali bureaucrats all seem to be under a malaise that invites much criticism-they do their 9-5 jobs without any conviction or any motivation to perform, since at the end of the mont... Read More

Regression or redemption?

Nepal, Oct. 27 -- For over 15 years, the TV series Tito Satya has followed the same, safe pattern-present social issues with comic overtones by exaggerating everything, typecasting characters, and add... Read More